You can fly!

Sung Bae Park
S. Korea, 2020 / 12’

One day, a solitary eagle finds some eggs on the beach. When he tries to eat them, the penguins are born and, moved, the eagle raises them. The penguins want to learn to fly like dad. The eagle takes them to the ocean and they start to fly together.

Direction: Sung Bae Park
Script: Sung Bae Park
Animators: Dong Sik Yoo, Soo Hyeon Park, Yun Gyo Jeong, Bon Jun Koo, Tae Ho Lee, Ji Eun Lee, Ji Ho Choi, Gyu Bae Im
Editing: Young Jun Gwon
Soundtrack: Sung Bae Park
Production: PLOT
Technique used: 3D computer animation


Sung Bae Park

Sung Bae Park is an animation filmmaker and VFX supervisor. He fell in love with movies when he was young, and, after graduating from college he got a chance to enter a VFX company and participate in many movies. He began to dream of becoming a movie director while pursuing a career as a VFX supervisor. Since 2015, he has established and operated a PLOT animation studio, making his first directorial debut, You Can Fly to deliver a message about his parents’ love for him and encouraging his dream. Inspired by the agony of the youth of today, he is working on a feature animation film.

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