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*WOMEN (Nico) / *DONNA (Nico)

Karin Fisslthaler
Austria | 2021 | 2’32 Italian preview No Dialogues

*WOMEN (NICO) is a new episode of the long-term work-in-progress project “*WOMEN”, which is developed, screened and performed live as an A/V performance since 2011. All the episodes are very subjective hommages to women from the public and private surrounding of the director, which were influential for her socialization. So, this project forms kind a of self-portrait without the director appearing as a person.

Direction, Screenplay, Editing, Animation: Karin Fisslthaler
Production: Ind.

Karin Fisslthaler

Karin Fisslthaler works as an artist, filmmaker and electronic musician (aka Cherry Sunkist). Many of her videos, works on papers and installations stem from her response to the way the media portrays the human body and how that affects notions of identity, gender roles and communication. Found material is the primary source, which she collects, deconstructs and rearranges. She currently lives and works in Vienna.