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When I am sad / Quando sono triste

Lilit Altunyan
Sri Lanka | 2021 | 06’30 v.o. sott. ENG/ITA

A smile travels through the world of sadness being transformed by emotions and thoughts… When I am sad is a poetic journey into the universe of emotions. With this journey of metamor- phosis I wish to submerge people in the universe of my sadness, and bring them out with a kiss of love. The images are inspired by the lino-cut technique where the lines are transformed creating other images. I want to take the viewers of all ages with me into this sensitive journey, to move them, to capture and then bring them back transformed.

Direction/ Graphics & Original Poem: Lilit Altunyan
Screenplay: Lilit Altunyan, Armine Anda
Animation: Mina Convers, Lilit Altunyan
Voices: Armine Anda (Armenian) Nairi Katchadurian (French) Victoria Aleksanyan (English)
Editing: Karen Baghinyan
Sound: Miqayel Voskanyan, Tigran Kuzikyan, Sfx Ed Mesropyan
Music: Miqayel Voskanyan
Production: Hoshkee Film
Co-Production: Folimage

Lilit Altunyan, children’s author-illustrator, animation director, animator, graphic artist. She had local and international exhibitions as a visual artist. As an author-illustrator she published THE BLUE FOX, THE MUSICIAN MONSTER picture books. In 2019 she became a laureate of Children’s Writers and Illustrators’ Competition Armenia receiving two prizes. In 2020 she was included in IBBY Honour list. A debut project WHEN I AM SAD by Lilit Altunyan became the first Armenia/France co-production in animation.