Washing machine

Alexandra Májová
Czech Republic, 2020 / 5’2 / national preview

Wash and love.

Lava e ama.

Direction: Alexandra Májová
Script: Martin Máj, Jan Richtr
Animators: Alexandra Májová
Editing: Alexandra Májová
Soundtrack: Michal Reich
Production: Alexandra Májová
Technique used: 2D computer animation


Alexandra Májová

A Czech illustrator, animator and director, she studied animation at the Film and TV School of Academy of Performing Arts in Prague – FAMU. During the course of her studies, she spent time at the animation department of The Estonian Academy of Arts in Tallinn. She directed the short-animated student films, Swimming Pool (2010) and Mythopolis (2013), among others, which won a number of significant awards both national and international. She currently illustrates children’s books and works on the animated children TV series Hungry Bear Tales (Bionaut production 2021).

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