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Warm Star

Anna Kuzina
Russia, 2020 / 4’29

A bird that keeps order in the sky orderly accidentally drops a star while cleaning. And children find it on earth.

Direction: Anna Kuzina
Script: Anna Kuzina, Mikhail Aldashin
Animators: Anna Kuzina
Editing: Anna Kuzina
Soundtrack: Nikolay Khitruk
Production: Boris Mashkovtsev
Technique used: 2D Computer animation


Anna Kuzina

Anna graduated from the Moscow Art and Industry Institute, Faculty of Graphic Design. She worked as an illustrator at AST, Meshcheryakov’s publishing house. She published comic books in Norway. She studied at Experimental Youth association of Soyuzmultfilm film studio, Moscow, Russia, under Mikhail Aldashin.