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Vulcain et Aphrodite / Vulcano e Afrodite

Nicolas Diologent
France | 2022 | 6’05 International preview No dialogues

The phonotrope is a fantastic optical toy. It allows you to see the drawings come to life immediately after drawing them. It is thus possible to write the movement inspired by music on vinyl. Here the black and white lines play and dance, like the keys of a piano…

Direction/Animation: Nicolas Diologent
Key cast: Estelle Jacques
Production: Ind.

Nicolas Diologent

Independent artist his creations are multifaceted but still this idea of move the world. His animated films are screening in international festivals and he collaborate with many others directors in entertainment and music. Always this desire to sublimate reality, the viewer out of the world. The movement of the elements is the starting point of his creations. The stories they generates become experimental films, shorts films, performances or installations.