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Talk Vessela Dantcheva / Ivan Bogdanov

Vessela Dantcheva (1975) and Ivan Bogdanov (1973) are a director duo who have been working together for 15 years. In 2002, they graduated from the Willem de Kooning Academy, Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences. In 2004, they co-founded FinFilm animation studio and in 2008 they founded Compote Collective production company in Sofia, Bulgaria. They made several films together, including the internationally acclaimed Father (2012) and Anna Blume (2009), which screened at numerous film festivals around the world.

Filmography (Ivan Bogdanov)
Travelling Country (2016), Milkmaid (2015), Father (2012, co-director), Stupid Boy (2008), Easy (2004), 24h (2003), War (2002), The Man with the Spread Hands (2002), Piss off (2001), De Ceremonie (2000)
Filmography (Vessela Dantcheva)
Travelling Country (2016), Anna Blume (2009), Sometimes (2008), Easy (2004), Wish (2004), Wake up (2002), Pull Over (2001)

Travelling Country
2016 / Bulgaria, Croatia / 13’38”

Once upon a time, there was a country on the astride of a giant horse, but in ruin because of  stupidity and greed. Now, only the horse’s tail remains of its former glory, while the people live in the shadow of what used to be a happy world. Travelling Country is a film about the collision of past, present and future. It is a fantasy tale about the search for one’s true identity and freedom.

Scriptwriters and directors: Vessela Dantcheva, Ivan Bogdanov 
Art direction and design: Rositsa Raleva
Animation: Ivan Kosutic, Jelena Oroz, Petra Zlonoga, Darko Vidackovic, Adam Butcher, Diana Monova
Music: Petar Dundakov
Sound design: Andrea Martignoni
Editing and compositing: Ivan Bogdanov
Producers: Vessela Dantcheva, Vanja Andrijevic
Production: Compote Collective, Bonobostudio
Distribution: Bonobostudio