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Urban Sphinx

María Lorenzo Hernández
Spain, 2020 / 4’53 / national preview

Urban Sphinx is an animation short film that creatively documents the presence of street art in Valencia, Spain, between 2018 and 2019. In URBAN SPHINX, these pieces of ephemeral art are animated by connecting each image like the frames of a film. All these faces look at us with wide-open eyes, as if they are telling us that we exist, but we might not exist and the world would keep on going round.

Direction: María Lorenzo Hernández 
Script: María Lorenzo Hernández 
Animators: Alberto Sanz
Editing: Jordi Abellán
Soundtrack: Gabriel de Paco
Production: Enrique Millán
Technique used: Photos


María Lorenzo Hernández

María Lorenzo Hernández (1977) is an animation teacher at the Faculty of Fine Arts, Universitat Politècnica de València, Spain. Her short film, The Night Ocean, was nominated at the GOYA Spanish Academy of Film Awards. Her short films, Portrait of D., The Carnivorous Flower and Impromptu, have received numerous awards and selections at international animation festivals. She also coordinated the collective film, The Cat Dances with its Shadow. Her latest work, Urban Sphinx, is a tribute to all street artists from the city of Valencia.