Ton de dood on scheidt / Until Death Separates Us

Sofie Vermeir
Belgium 2020 / 6’24’’ / national preview

Leon is an old man who lives with his wife’s corpse. Every day, he relives past moments through photos from his diary until, one day, a lost diary page messes up his entire pattern.

Director: Sofie Vermeir
Script: Sofie Vermeir, Jef Byl
Color: Falko De Maeght
Music: Geert Waegaman
Sound: Floris Borghraef

Sofie Vermeir

Sofie Vermeir was born in Brussels (Belgium) and graduated in 2020 as a master in animation at the Royal Institute of Cinema & Sound in Brussels. Throughout her education she focused on 2D animation and stop motion.

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