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Un corpo / A body

Milena Tipaldo
Italia | 2021 | 2’10 v.o. sott. ENG

There are many definitions that you can give to the word “body”. This short film is not just about human bodies, but also animal bodies, fruiting bodies, celestial bodies, metaphorical bodies. A voice over using puns drives you trough the life of many of that bodies, and their common destiny.

Direction/Script/Animation/Editing: Karolina Aksinowicz
Sound Design/Music: Enrico Ascoli
Voice Over: Claudio Cosimato
Second Voice: Lorenzo Martellacci
Production: Ind.

Milena Tipaldo

In 2007 she graduates at the academy of fine arts in Genoa, then she moves to Turin to study at the Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia, here she makes the graduation short movie “Mamma Mia”. She moves to Spain to work as character animator at the feature film Psiconautas. After she starts a collaboration with Nerdo Studio where she works as animator and layout artist as well. In 2017 she founds the animation collective MIRA where she still works as author and art director. At the same time she works on personal projects where her artistic research can develop in different fields.