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Tulipomania: Gone / Tulipomania: andata

Cheryl Gelover, Tom Murray
USA | 2021 | 2’59 Italian preview v.o sott. ENG/ITA

When money talks, who is listening? A torrent of tattered animated objects and shredded collage excavates the headlines as the death knell sounds for the status quo in this mournful dirge.

Direction, Screenplay, Editing, Animation: Cheryl Gelover, Tom Murray
Music: Cheryl Gelover, Tom Murray
Production: Ind.

Tom Murray, Cheryl Gelover

Magnet Magazine featured Tulipomania’s music video animated by band members Cheryl Gelover and Tom Murray in an online exclusive. Described as “inventive” and “gorgeous,” animated music videos created by Tulipomania have been featured in film festivals worldwide. The duo have also enjoyed creating over an hour of collage and mixed media animation in support of Pixies 30th anniversary performances of the band’s first releases Come on Pilgrim/Surfer Rosa, contributing to imagery projected over seven screens, synced to the live performances. They are especially honored to have had the opportunity to work in collaboration with the late acclaimed graphic artist Vaughan Oliver, whom they have long admired.