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    Troada | Tuono

    Vitor Hugo Rocha
    Portugal | 2022 | 2’43 No Dialogues Italian Preview

    The cycle of Springtime, Summer, Autumn and Winter is suddenly interrupted by the storm and psycadelia.

    Direction: Vitor Hugo Rocha
    Animation: Francisca Moura, Diana Peixoto, Vitor Hugo Rocha
    Composting: Inês Munhoz
    Sound Design: João Carvalho
    Music: Angélica Salvi
    Production: Bap Animation Studio
    Distribution: Bap Animation Studio

    Vitor Hugo Rocha

    Vitor studied Graphics and Drawing in Oporto where is living and working with Bando à parte/ Bap Animation Studio. Sound, music and synchrony seem to have a key presence in his work. Although he has had a driving licence since 2007 he has only driven once since that time. He likes to walk and never had lunch in McDonals.