Time o’ the Signs

Reinhold Bidner
Austria, 2019 / 8’36 / national preview / v.o. sott. it.

Time o´ the Signs is an experimental – narrative but also documentary – animation about digital time thieves of our time, media stupidities and ongoing daily routines. This work questions: how do we (not) want to live in a future society? Better, faster, more efficient, your faceless shadow in the cloud. Your clock: tick tock, Your stats? They drop… The system knows you, better than you do. So you post as a ghost, you stream your dream and you augment life´s content. Say “Buy Buy” to happiness! A.S.A.P.! C.W.O.T… Machine life balance, apple every day, so smart! Designed for the deadline, you resigned from your life, fin(e)? In your safe home, immersed in your comfort zone: Time´s up-load? Life filed? All under Control? Or just “Ctrl – alt – delete”?

Direction: Reinhold Bidner
Script: Reinhold Bidner
Animators: Reinhold Bidner
Editing: Reinhold Bidner
Soundtrack: Reinhold Bidner,  Wobblersound Vienna
Production: Gold Extra
Technique used: Mixed Media, 2D Computer Animation, 3D Computer Animation, Hand Drawn Animation, Rotoscope, Stop Motion


Reinhold Bidner

Reinhold studied at the University of applied Sciences Salzburg, at Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art & Design (UK) and he finished his studies in Berlin. Until 2006, he was key-researcher at Ars Electronica Futurelab Linz for time-based media. Since 2007, he has been a freelancer in animation & media art, as an individual artist or as a member of the art collective gold extra. He has received various awards, grants and residencies for his artistic work, and exhibits nationally and internationally since 2001. Currently Reinhold lives in Vienna and Salzburg, and he teaches at the Art University Linz in the field of animation.

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