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Thy Face

Kseniia Nikitina
Russia | 2022 | 2’34 | International preview

The swinging curtains appeared to be long hair. Strange face hides beneath. The hands slowly open the curtain hair. The face is the main stage and the play is announced for today. But now it’s asleep. With the help of the hands the face is ready to perform. It’s not in the best condition, so the hands have to make few manipulations to make it look more selling. Something’s going wrong. The tongue wants to ruin the performance, hands have to start their work from the beginning. Yet the tongue wasn’t the only disturbance. The Face is acting strange. Finally the hands loose their nerve and tear the face apart.

Direction: Kseniia Nikitina
Script: Kseniia Nikitina
Editing and Animation: Kseniia Nikitina
Music and sound design: Mikhail Puzanov
Production: Ind.

Kseniia Nikitina

Director/Animator/Artist Born in 1993. Studied at School-studio “SHAR” (2015-2017) animation. Her animations bring together techniques, composition and colours significant for the medium of art, and my paintings vice-versa are looking more like stop frames from animation. She uses different traditional animation techniques, such as stop motion, paint on glass, in this area I feel more comfortable. Before creating her debut film “Thy Face”, she has worked as an animator and in post-production of the short films which were screened on festivals around the world.