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The Space Mail

Apurba Chakraborty
Bangladesh 2021 / 4’19’’ / international preview

The Space Mail is a minimal abstract animated short film.
It’s specially dedicated to the Voyager 1 space probe which carries evidence of the existence of the Earth, of us. We are on a small island living our busy life wondering if anyone or anything will find our message that we’ve sent Voyager 1 in 1977 to the beyond. It’s about our life and this tiny island that we are living on. It’s about humans and civilization. This short film represents how the peoples of this island start their daily lives from morning, busying with their work, life, mates and tiredness, to when they end the day thinking about their existence. We are used to seeing every human habit and every sound and noise of every day. Will anyone from outside this island ever come to know how beautiful these things are and this euphemism?
This is an Art letter for outer civilization, which must be more civilized than this small island civilization. Maybe we will be extinct but they should know that this decent civilization has existed. They will learn about our lifestyle, our daily behaviour, our beautiful sounds, our arts, our beliefs, our curiosity, our disappointments, our countries, our divisions, our culture. Maybe one day we will be just like other extinct civilizations such as Mayan civilization, Egypt, Mesopotamia, Indus. And this Voyager 1 is the evidence of us.

Direction: Apurba Chakraborty
Animation: Apurba Chakraborty
Sound: Apurba Chakraborty

Apurba Chakraborty

Apurba Chakraborty is a Fine Art student from the University of Dhaka. He is really interested in experimental animation, and has always been more comfortable with digital media. He  usually designs illustrations, concept art for animation, digital painting. He loves drawing different characters from streets, starting from a street kid to a monk, and is extremely fascinated by experimental stuff. He always tries to do something different and interesting.