The Q-Tip

Risto Kütt
Estonia, 2020 / 5’36 / national preview

A story of a Seahorse which gets attacked by a Q-tip. It was launched by a nearby Fisherman who was trying to rescue his lost whale, taken by a mermaid.

Direction: Risto Kütt 
Script: Risto Kütt 
Animators: Risto Kütt 
Editing: Risto Kütt 
Soundtrack: Risto Kütt 
Production: Risto Kütt 
Technique used: 2D animation


Risto Kütt

Born March 10, 1993, he is a young Estonian filmmaker. He started making animations in 2007, mostly for YouTube. In 2012, he went to study animation at the Estonian Academy of Arts, where he got his BA in Animation in 2015. In 2016, he finished an MA in Animation studies at UCA Farnham UK. He’s currently working  as a freelance animator and illustrator.

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