The Other

Arash Akhgari
Canada 2020 / 3’46”

We are constantly in conversation with the Other, either symbolically or literally. In the process of responding to the symbolic Other, it is hard to tell if the response is to the subject or our own projection. This animation tries to visualize this question within the social contact of an individual or a crowd.

Direction, Animation, Editing, Production: Arash Akhgari
Music: Ashkan Behzadi

Arash Akhgari

Arash Akhgari (1984) is an independent animator and visual artist, focused on expressive language of visual art, moving image and abstract story telling. He works with traditional mediums for animation as well as painting, drawing and collage, and explores contemporary visual languages. Filmography: An Echoing Memory of a Tongue (2017, student film), Out of Touch (2018, student film), the Thing is Lost (2018, student film), Flight of Monochrome Feathers (2019, student film), The Other (2020, Professional film)

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