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Meike Fehre, Sabine Dully
Germany, 2020 / 4’ / v.o. sott. it / national preview

Grandpa Günter is 200 years old, very heavy and a retired circus elephant. He lives in his old circus wagon and knows a trunk full of famous songs and unknown stories from his youth about 100 years ago. And like his grandson Charlie he loves to sing. Together they make musical excursions to the roaring 20s and 30s.

The two Musifants fly to the moon in a rocket and again meet a chicken in a flying saucer and their neighbour Krause, who is visiting his own planet with his converted trailer. There follow adventures in space with asteroids, comets and of course the little green cactus.

Direction: Meike Fehre
Script: Meike Fehre, Sabine Dully
Animators: Vera Lalyko
Editing: Nina Paysen
Soundtrack: Paul Abraham
Production: Meike Fehre, Sabine Dully
Technique used: 2D Computer Animation

Meike Fehre

Sabine Dully

Meike Fehre
Meike Fehre was born in 1974, studied audiovisual communication and illustration in Hamburg, and has been working as an independent filmmaker since 2000. She founded Ahoifilm and creates animated short films, mostly based on German history, for TV (Arte France Karambolage), exhibitions and theatre.

Sabine Dully
Sabine Dully was born in 1974, studied audiovisual communication in Trier, making some animated short films together with Meike Fehre and working as an independent designer for different agencies and studios in Germany. From 2007 to 2016 she realized as art director at Feedmee Design in Cologne projects for the german children TV. Since 2016 she has illustrated and published children’s books.