The Marriage of a Mouse

Su Dong-hai
Cina | 2020 | 7’20

This film is adapted from a traditional Chinese folktale by using the traditional technique of Chinese shadow play. In this story, the village chief holds a competition to find the best husband for his mouse daughter. After several rounds of tests, he finally found the perfect match.

Director: Su Donghai
Assistant Director: Lyu Yinchu
Script: Su Donghai, Li Binjie
Art Design: Ma Jiejie
Shadow Puppet: Li Tianshe, Chen Yuehua, Lyu Yinchu
Animator: Lyu Ynchu, Chen Lehua, Yu Siling, Wang Lanzhu, Zhou Li
Dubbing: Zhang Quanrui, Huang Yurui, Lu Xile, Yi Fanxiao, Zhang Zixiao, Li Hongyi, Zhao Yipeng
Recording: Zheng Qiaoye
Sound effects: Wang Yozi
Editing: Su Donghai

Su Donghai

An independent stop-motion animation director, producer. Engaged in the children’s stop-motion animation education.

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