The man and the trees

Constantinos Terlikkas, Dani Pucz
Cyprus 2016 / 1’5”

One minute animated short, based on a one minute short tale by hungarian folk writer Gaspar Heltai. A story of a man, who goes out to the forest to look for a stick, a story about the true nature of manhood.

Constantinos Terlikkas

Dani Pucz

Born in Nicosia in 1986. In October 2011 he graduated from the Department of Graphic Design, in the Faculty of Fine Arts and Design, at Technological Educational Institute of Athens (ΤΕΙ). In October 2011 he finished his final university project, which consisted of two sections: the design of his personal branding and the creation of his second personal animation, short film, entitled Nannourisman which has screened at the 11th Countryside Animafest Cyprus, Views of the World.

Animation film maker and graphic designer from Hungary. Former Illyés Akadémia student. His first film was Karawane (2015), his first exhibition was held at Mika Tivadar, titled “now you see daddy, finally i got an exhibition!”

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