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    The Eastern Rain | Pioggia orientale

    Milly Yencken
    Estonia | 2023| 9’07 No Dialogues Italian Preview

    “If the rain were to fall indoors, but never outdoors …then where do we begin to look for shelter? A place said to give refuge from bad weather or a danger. Outside the fence, the bell remains calling, and if we are not there, then perhaps it’s only a sound that rings out inside of it’s own mourning. I spoke to me, he to he, she to she, the ground spoke to the ground, the trees to the tree. Meanwhile inside, the familiarity of that well met rain continues to be falling.”

    Direction, animation: Milly Yencken
    Production: Estonian Academy of Arts

    Milly Yencken

    Studied a BFA in painting in Tasmania and a diploma of classical animation in Vancouver. She is currently completing her masters in Animation at Eesti Kunstiakadeemia in Estonia. Painting is at the centre of her practice, yet she uses the animated image to both deconstruct and expand upon new ways to apply paint and what a painting can come to mean when you stay inside a concept for a long duration of time. Creating work that is surrealist and darkly whimsical. Her long term artistic goal is to produce paintings paired with animation that can create a richly internalised world, from which the viewer is invited into.