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The comfortable indifference of abundance

Lucas Schiaroli
Argentina | 2021 | 4’22

A Fish Boy travels long distances through the countryside in search of some water to survive. In Wet City, not far from there, its inhabitants squander water daily, using it carelessly. An unexpected storm will change everyone’s life and put things in their place.

Director, Writer: Lucas Schiaroli
Art Direction: Tomás Gamboni

Lucas Schiaroli

He was born in San Rafael Mza in 1977. He has a degree in film and TV (UNC). In 2004, he made Hilo de Marionetas, a multi-award winning animation. In 2005, he won Cine por la Identidad, by Abuelas de Plaza de Mayo, and made 76 /… Best Short in Biarritz 2006. Requiem for Oblivion, from 2007, was selected for La Vitrina Argentina at the XXII Mar del Plata Festival. In 2010, he made Tree, a short film from Short Stories VI. From 2012 to 2018, he experimented with Dry Face, Herencias, Odyssey. In 2021, with a grant from the National Endowment for the Arts, he made The comfortable indifference of abundance.