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Terra promessa / Promised Land

Andrea Pierri
Italia | 2021 | 8’41 No dialoghi

Every day legions of people risk their lives in the Mediterranean Sea to reach the southern coasts of Europe, the new Promised Land. But the sea, that once parted to allow Moses’ passage, now closes with indifference over the stories and lives of countless victims. A daily reality that bears upon all of us. An old man slowly walks along a deserted beach, collecting the last possessions of women, men, children who have disappeared during their long journey to the Promised Land.

Direction/ScriptAnimation: Andrea Pierri
Sound design: Marco Franzoni
Music: Andrea Gattico
Production: Andrea Pierri
Distribution: Diero Srl

Andrea Pierri

Andrea Pierri is an Italian filmmaker author of animated films, documentary films, advertising videos. His works have been awarded and presented in major international film festivals and broadcast by various television channels around the world.