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Eirik Heggen
Norway | 2020 | 9’59

As a mysterious plague enters the magical town of Tanabata, the birds of Tanabata fly to seek help on the Sun.

Director, Writer, Producer: Eirik Heggen

Eirik Heggen

Eirik Heggen is an award-winning animator, director and illustrator from Stavanger, Norway, who creates animated films based on his own stories and imaginative artwork. The fantasy worlds depicted in his work include magical environments and mysterious landscapes, often inhabited by a rich variation of adventurous and playful animals, spirits and characters. The themes and visual style of Heggen’s films draw inspiration from folk tales, surrealism and ancient art from various parts around the world. Mainly working in the animation-technique of digital cut-out, his animations seek to create a rich visual imagery, filled with imagination and mystery.