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Sugar show / Spettacolo di zucchero

Liana Makaryan
Russian Federation | 2021 | 8’00 Italian preview No dialogues

The sugar show is a promising prologue to love, which turns out to be a cruel fake.

Direction/Script/Animation/Editing: Rita Tsikhanovich
Key cast: Edward Brioni, Alena Kischik, Leila Gerber
Production: Vladimir Gassiev, Studio Pchela

Liana Makaryan

Liana Makaryan was born in Moscow in 1993. In 2017, she graduated from VGIK with a degree in Animated Film Director. Her filmography is still small, in addition to the work presented at our exhibition, it includes the puppet film “The Parable of the Blind” in 2018 and the drawn “Run behind the Wall” in 2019. Each of the films was shown at international festivals and has awards. In addition to her own films, Liana also works on serials, makes animation for theatrical performances.