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    Still Life with Woman, Tea and Letter | Natura morta con donna, té e lettera

    Tess Martin
    Netherlands | 2022 | 2’14 No dialogues

    A photograph is a window into the past, but sometimes the border between the past and the present is not entirely clear. This stop-motion animation invites us to think about our relationship to time by portraying one woman caught in the middle.

    Direction, script writing: Tess Martin
    DOP, Colour correction: Matija Pekić
    Animation: Marike Verbiest
    Assistant animator: Tess Martin
    Assistant art director: Felix Dukker
    Sound design, Music: Jorick Bronius
    Sound mix: Kasper Koudenburg
    Production: Volya Films
    Distribution: Bonobostudio

    Tess Martin

    Tess Martin is a filmmaker/visual artist based in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Her work is informed by hand-made animation techniques and their potential to explore the human condition. Persistent themes are our place in nature, our relationship to the past, and how memory and perception inform identity. She creates short films, interactive installations and paintings/prints.