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Sono un Poeta, Cara

Vincenzo Gioanola
Italy, 2019 / 4’15

The film ironically illustrates one of the first poems by the poet Guido Catalano. The vicissitudes of a young poet dealing with the needs of women. The ending is resolved in very liberating ways…

Direction: Vincenzo Gioanola
Script: Vincenzo Gioanola
Animators: Vincenzo Gioanola
Editing: Vincenzo Gioanola
Soundtrack: Vincenzo Gioanola
Production: Vincenzo Gioanola
Technique used: Drawing on film


Vincenzo Gioanola

Born in Casale Monferrato, Italy, 10th April 1955, he made his first animated film “Boogie” in 1981. Since then he has taught animation to children, students and teachers in public and private schools, worked as an illustrator, engraver, and in the advertising sphere. He creates animation using different techniques, but a constant aspect of his work as an author is research into the possibilities of camera-less animation, drawing directly on film, as well as the relationship between image and sound. He is presently working as a teacher and tutor for Scuola Nazionale di Cinema in Turin and in other public and private schools.