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Song of the Flies III – Night

Ana Maria Vallejo
Germany | 2021 | 15’00 | v.o. sott. ITA

Do murderers sleep? The purple color of a dark night, the sound of the marimba with its sweet music is mistaken for fear. The long day of war is over, but the war continues. The film translates the desolation caused by the violence of the Colombian armed conflict through the poetic voice of Maria Mercedes Carranza (1945-2003) and the audiovisual dialogue between 9 Colombian artists. The archival images, the artists’ memories, and the recurring use of animated loops bring to life the landscapes ravaged by violence and construct a polyphony of memory and mourning, a universal song of pain.

Direction: Ana Maria Vallejo
Screenplay: Maria Mercedes Carranza
Animation: Cecilia Traslaviña, Diana Menestrey, Bibiana Rojas, Sandra Reyes, Catalina Giraldo, Laura Delgado, Ana Vallejo, Alejandra Arboleda
Sound design: Carolina Lucio
Voice composition: Manuela Puerto
Production: Ana Maria Vallejo

Ana Maria Vallejo

Ana Maria Vallejo born 1983 in Medellin, Colombia. Filmmaker and director of animation living currently in Weimar, Germany, where she works as lecturer at the Bauhaus University and as co-director of the International Poetry Film Festival of Thuringia. She studied fine arts in Medellin. In 2015 she finished her master’s in media art & design at the Bauhaus University in Weimar and her graduation film “Love in Nine Postcards around the World”. In 2020 and 2021 she participated in the International Animation Film Workshop in Krakow/Lanckorona. “Song of the Flies” which won the award for best animation in the national category at Bogotá Short film Festival in 2021.