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Soldier of Peace

Bransha Gautier
Not Specified | 2020 | 4’04

Mahatma Gandhi not only brought peace and human rights to India but his impact on the whole world is still felt today, 150 years later, after his greatness joined us on this planet. Gandhi proved that one man has the power to take on an empire, using ethics, intelligence and the invisible force of love. Let us celebrate Mahatma Gandhi by also becoming Soldiers of Peace, making this planet a better place to live on by simply continuing to practice his principles: Peaceful Protest, Nonviolent Resistance and Civil Disobedience.

Director: Bransha Gautier

Bransha Gautier

Award winning multimedia artist & TV Producer based in Vienna. With over 100 exhibitions Bransha’s art can be found in numerous private and permanent collections at Henan Art Museum in Zhengzhou (China), Museu Brasileiro da Escultura in São Paulo (Brazil), RDAC in Khartoum (Sudan), Kyoto Municipal Museum in Kyoto (Japan), Contemporary Art Museum in Aiud (Romania), Flux Museum in Texas (USA), Old Townhall in Vienna (Austria).