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Sogni al campo

Magda Guidi, Mara Cerri
France, Italy 2020 / 8’41”

A boy looks for his cat along a river. He will not find it. He’s about to die, and has moved away from everything to find intimacy. The child arrives at the doors of time, where the dead disappear, and the living let them go. The child is afraid, he enters a forest of symbols and memories. He grows up. His illusions of children dissolve and mingle with the landscape.

Magda Guidi

Mara Cerri

Born in Pesaro in 1979, Magda Guidi studied for 5 years at the Art Institute of Urbino (“Scuola del libro”), and for 2 years in the course specialized in animation cinema. She is an animated film director and illustrator.

Born in Pesaro in 1978, Mara Cerri graduated in 1998 from the Scuola del Libro in Urbino, where she specialized in animated film.