Śmierć na 5 / A – Grade Death

Mariusz Wilczyńsk – Poland, 2002 / 3’40

It is an animation made for the last song of Grzegorz Ciechowski, the leader of the Republika band, who died in December 2001. It was to be a fragment of the 30-minute-long animation that Wilczyński planned with Ciechowski. Unfortunately, the artist’s sudden death interrupted the work. Wilczyński finished Death to five in March 2002 and he added a new ending. 

Mariusz Wilczyński (1964). Self-taught in the film field, he graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Łódź. He is a painter, stage designer, performer, pedagogue at the Film School in Łódź, and an author of artistic and applied animation. He usually makes his films by himself using characteristic, unreal narration based on dream-like logic and connotations. He is well known as author of TVP Kultura, a Polish television channel, animation sets. Awarded many times, he has become one of the most recognized “personas” of contemporary Polish animation. He had an individual exhibition in the MOMA in New York.


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