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Simbiosis carnal | Simbiosi carnale

Rocío Álvarez Varela
Belgium | 2017 | 10’00 v.o. sub. ITA | Not recommended for children under 12 years of age

In this experimental erotic short, the play and personal transformation of the characters are more important than the reality of their bodies.

Direction: Rocío Álvarez Varela
Animation: Rocío Álvarez, Jeanne Boukraa, Lora D’Addazio, Nico Fong, Gwendoline Gamboa
Editing: Rocío Álvarez, Faustine Cross
Sound: David Nelissen
Production: Zorobabel

Rocío Álvarez Varela

Rocío Álvarez is an illustrator and animation director. She studied five years at the Beaux Arts in Valencia (Spain) and one year in Rome. Then, she continued her artistic career in painting, urban installations, illustration and animation. For several years, she participated in numerous competitions that allowed her to make a living from painting and her installations as well as to develop and exhibit her works. Subsequently, she decided to specialise in the production of animated films at the École de la Poudrière in Valence (France). His graduation film Écart de conduct is present in many international festivals and receives a nomination for the Cartoon d’or 2013. This training in animation filmmaking marks a strong turning point in his artistic direction. Thus, she devotes herself to the creation of projects, both in concept and in graphics, for animated series and short films.