Short Film Competition

Out of touch

Arash Akhgari / Canada 2018 / 1’50 / anteprima nazionale

In search of a way out… to the other side of daily routines of modern life... is there any message left for us to listen to? Are we gonna succeed or remain out of touch?

Direction: Arash Akhgari
Script: Arash Akhgari
Animator: Arash Akhgari
Editing: Arash Akhgari
Soundtrack: Arash Akhgari
Production: Arash Akhgari
Director: Arash Akhgari
Technique used: Ink on Paper

Arash Akhgari
He’s an independent animator and visual artist focused on expressive language of visual art, moving image and abstract story telling. He is an active freelancer involve in many independent productions and also taking courses in Concordia University to enhance his animation techniques. He works with traditional mediums for animation as well as painting, drawing and collage, and explores contemporary visual languages.

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