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Shaina Tauba – L’ultima canzone sulla Terra / Shaina Taub – The Last Song On Earth

Gaia Alari
USA | 2022 | 3’31 Italian preview v.o. sott. ITA

A crowd of people who dance, sing and have fun, does not notice the looming threat represented by a strange black and toxic substance that slowly licks them up to suck them completely. the video is a hymn of protest against inaction and choral, political and generational neglect towards climate change, masked by a festive aesthetic and bright colors.

Direction/Animation: Gaia Alari
Music: Shaina Taub
Production: Atlantic Records

Gaia Alari

Gaia Alari is a filmmaker, director and animator based in Milan, Italy Since 2020, after a gallery career as a self-taught visual artist, she focused exclusively in directing and animating especially music videos, specializing in traditional hand drawn frame per frame animation, usually as a one woman crew. 
 She regularly collaborates with international musicians and labels. Her music videos appeared at numerous film festivals around the world. 
In 2021 she was interviewed by the Drawing department at the Faculty of Fine Arts at the University of Lisbon. She is now focusing on her first narrative short animation and, as an artistic director, on animated documentaries. She is interested in exploring the potentiality of the language of animation, pushing its storytelling boundaries, with a particular keenness on exploring loneliness, incommunicability and how the individual as the central core of a broader society deals with death, loss and all that goes beyond their human control.