Giovanna Lopalco
France, 2019 / 7’51

A procession of men in white clothing accompany a young woman during a strange procession. In this obscure landscape, a perpetual biological universe will transform her body.

Direction: Giovanna Lopalco
Script: Giovanna Lopalco
Animators: Dalila Rovazzani & Giulia Landi
Editing: Giovanna Lopalco & Lorenzo Latrofa
Soundtrack: Andrea Martignoni
Production: Insolence Productions 
Technique used: 2D animation


Giovanna Lopalco

Giovanna was born in Italy in 1982. She studied animation at the Experimental Centre of Cinematography in Turin, then joined an author’s residency at La Maison des Auteurs (Angoulême, France) where she worked as an illustrator and Background Artist. She has worked on several international animated films such as Ethel and Ernest by Raymond Briggs, Pinocchio by Enzo D’Alò and Lorenzo Mattotti, Psiconautas the forgotten children by Alberto Vazquez. Season is her first short film as a director.

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