Pies Schroedingera / Schroedinger’s Dog

Natalia Krawczuk – Poland, 2016 / 8’50

A short story about a man, woman, their dog, and a couch. Their days are filled with boredom and taking naps, but things will change when their pet suddenly disappears. How simple yet complicated our relationships can be and can feel lonely despite living with someone else? Special Golden Żmij for best student short. ANIMA.PL we competition – IFF Etiuda&Anima 2017.

Natalia Krawczuk (1982).
Graduate of ethnology and cultural anthropology at the University of Warsaw,  she is currently a student of animation in Łódź Film School.  She is the author of Ping Pong, Captain, Fences, and the award-winning Schroedinger’s Dog.


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