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Małgorzata Bosek – Poland, 2018 / 11’40 / national preview

A film made in memory of Marek Serafiński, an animation director, producer, and husband of the author. It is a graphic and sound memoir from waste paper, such as labels, price tags, tickets, etc, as well as boxes of cigarettes smoked by a nicotine addict over a period of six years and collected by one particular collector. It shows the magnitude of the smoker’s addiction, but also the determination and a kind of addiction of the collector, as well as the passing of time in a strange symbiosis of the life that they shared together.

Małgorzata Bosek (1968).
Graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. She finished the animation course organized by the Film Miniatures Studio. She is an author of animation, a painter who collaborates with other artists. She had many individual exhibitions that presented her collages, tapestries, and other works.


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