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Roberto Catani (Jesi 12 March 1965) graduated in Animated Design in 1986 at the Istituto statale d’Arte Scuola del Libro, in Urbino and since 1988/89 has been a professor of the workshop “Art of Animated Design” at the same institute. He collaborates with the magazine Lo straniero edited by Goffredo Fofi and produces illustrations for FATATRAC edizioni and ZOOLibri. His animated films, La sagra (1998) and La Funambola (2002), have been awarded at major national and international animation festivals, including: Espinho, New York, Zagreb, Annecy ‘00, Hiroshima ‘02, Nastro d’argento in 2003, nominated in 2002 for the Cartoon d’Or. He participates in: 100 anni del cinema di animazione (Pesaro), Arte e Animazione at the Museum of Modern Art in Turin, International meetings on animation cinema in France, Open roads: new Italian cinema at Lincoln Center in New York and ARTECINEMA Film on Contemporary Art (Naples). La testa tra le nuvole (2013), selected at major international festivals, received the Grand Jury Prize at ANIMATEKA (Ljubljana) and the Special Mention of the Jury at Annecy.
Il Pesce Rosso
Italy / 1995 / 1’

A child holds a goldfish in his hands and his mind gets lost in dreams and imagination.

Direction, Animation, Production: Roberto Catani
Music and sound: David Monacchi

la sagra
Italy / 1998 / 2’40

During a train journey, a man remembers the images of a festival…. or a life.

Direction, Production, Script, Animation: Roberto Catani
Camera: Ugo Magni
Music, Sound: Mario Mariani

La Funambola
Italy / 2002 / 6’

Letters soaked with words, silently tell the story of a young woman’s life. Love, wedding, and a motherhood perceived both as a dream and a refuge. A stream of memories runs through her mind. A woman, standing in front of the sea with her eyes closed, who desperately needs lightness.

Direction, Animation, Editing: Roberto Catani
Scenography, Graphic Design: Roberto Catani
Music: Normand Roger
Sound Editing: Pierre Yves Drapeau
Production: Roberto Catani/Arte France
Distribution: Roberto Catani

La testa tra le nuvole
Italy / 2013 / 7’50

Absent Mindend is an intense and poetic movie, made using a thick weaving of colored pencil which intensify the illustrations and the atmosphere. The compositive structure has a Classical and a Renaissence influence and it follows a precise geometric trend that dictates the essential lines of the sequences. In this refined background, it develops an introspective story that dig into the intimacy of a child and his hard relationship with school.

Direction, Screenplay, Drawings, Animation: Roberto Catani
Soundtrack: Andrea Martignoni
Production: Roberto Catani.

Per tutta la vita
Italy, France / 2018 / 5’20”

On a journey back in time through memory, a woman and a man retrace the most important moments of their love story. From the winter of their love, in a vortex of memories, they go back to the summer of passion and the little magic from which it all began.

Direction: Roberto Catani
Script: Roberto Catani
Animators: Roberto Catani
Editing: Roberto Catani
Soundtrack: Andrea Martignoni
Production: Withstand MIYU Production
Technique used: traditional animated drawing

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