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    Hagar Faibish
    Germany | 2022 | 6’47 No dialogues

    The isolation of a character from his dystopian world and a fusion with a virtual world of television. While trying to purchase a key that promises escape from his dreary outside world and free his mind, the character loses touch with his outer world bit by bit and diffuses with a TV program.

    Direction: Hagar Faibish
    Animation: Hagar Faibish, Nadav Faibish
    Sound design: Larissa Kischk
    Music: Marcus Sander
    Production: Ind.

    Hagar Faibish

    Hagar Faibish is a female artist and animation director, born in Israel and based in Berlin. She has a background studying animation at the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, Jerusalem, before moving to Berlin to study at the KONRAD WOLF Film Universität, Babelsberg. Her art is very intuitive, with elements of absurdity and nonsense, mixed with an underlying melancholic tone. In her art she is always looking for the right balance between communication and self reflection, aesthetics and composition.