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Volker Schlecht Retrospective

Rue Rosé / Pink Street
Volker Schlecht / Deutschland / 1997 / 06’

Rue Rosé / Pink street is a satirical sketch about the different rhythms, intensities and body languages of walking people and an experiment of characterization through movement, while telling a short story about the absurdity of life and about the limitations of our worldview.

Sonst nichts / Nothing else
Volker Schlecht / Prague / 1999 – 2000 / 02’53’’

Sonst nichts / Nothing else was the second animated short film by Volker Schlecht. The film was produced 1999/2000 in Prague – like Rue Rosé – at the animation studios Bratri v triku at Barrandov, drawn on paper and photographed under a traditional rostrum camera on 35mm. The story (or: the non-story) is focusing on small, unconscious gestures during a moment of non-communication.

Germania Wurst (Germania Wurst)
Volker Schlecht / Deutschland / 2008 / 10’22’’

Germania Wurst is a rapid rundown of German or rather Germanic »national history« – starting with the ancient Roman empire and ending with the German »reunification« and the consumer society during the time of the production of the film. These episodes were told by symbolic and metaphoric pictures and transformations. A sausage hereby is a kind of time line, a connecting element between the scenes and also an ironic national symbol.

Filmfest Dresden 2011 trailer
Volker Schlecht / Deutschland / 2011 / 00’38’’

Trailer for the International Short Film Festival Dresden 2011: The origin of the trailer’s idea was the main campaign of the film festival: Dresden’s „Golden Horseman Statue“ on the top of the Empire State Building instead of King Kong. So we made a short trip through the history of moving pictures, beginning with Eadweard Muybridge’s horses and ending with Darth Vader starring as Marylin Monroe in „The Seven Year Itch“.

Over You / Nobody’s Fool
Volker Schlecht, Alexandra Kardinar / Deutschland / 2013 / 03’

Emotions become chains, love becomes lust to kill. Addiction and possession, relation and separation. Cheetahs and speedy cars. Over You is a music video clip originally made for the song Nobody’s Fool by Parov Stelar. The Berlin based musician Michal Krajczok wrote and produced his song Over You especially for this video.

Kyrie Eleison / Transforming Gods
Volker Schlecht / Deutschland / 2014 / 04’54’’

After his animated short about 2,000 years of German history, this short film by Volker Schlecht deals with the ancient Greco-Roman influences on early Christianity. The film is an animated meditation on iconography and on the history of religion, of art and architecture, accompanied by sacred music of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

Kaputt / Broken – The Women’s Prison at Hoheneck
Volker Schlecht, Alexander Lahl / Deutschland 2016 / 07’02’’

Script Max Moench, Alexander Lahl – Animator Volker Schlecht

Based on interviews with former prisoners, this animated documentary provides a glimpse into the most notorious women’s prison in East Germany. A film about political imprisonment, forced labour, and enormous profits on both sides of the Iron Curtain.

Zwischen den Stuehlen / Between the Chairs
Volker Schlecht / Deutschland / 2017 / 05’12’’

Between the chairs is an experimental collage on a song of the musician and artist Christian Manss. Movement as the normal human behaviour – journey, nomadism, migration. Metaphorically between private and social life, between the lines, between the chairs.