Michaela Pavlátová
Czech Republic 1995 / 9’

Three couples are following the routines of everyday life but they long to break free from the pattern. We are all part of a mechanism that determines the lines of our ways. Everyday routine bores us but, at the same time, we feel safe in it. We are constantly looking for change, but are not brave enough to take that first step. When a change finally comes, we immediately make it fit into our routine, so the machine just keeps on going.

Production: Kratky Film Praha
Distribution: Mr. ondrej Beck, kratky film 
Script: Michaela Pavlátová
Graphics: Michaela Pavlátová
Sets: Michaela Pavlátová
Animation: Michaela Pavlátová
Camera: Jaroslava Zimova
Music: Jiri Chlumeki
Sound: Ivo Spalj
Editing: Gaia Vitkova
Technique used: pencil on paper

Michaela Pavlátová

Michaela Pavlatova is an animation director from Czech Republic. Her short animation films (Words, words, words, Repete, Tram) have received numerous awards at international film festivals including an Oscar nomination, Annecy Cristal, Golden Bear in Berlinale, Grand Prix at the International Animation Festival Hiroshima. In 2021 she finished a feature animation film My Sunny Maad. She is a chair of an Animation Department at FAMU Prague.

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