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Refleksy / Reflections

Jerzy Kucia – Poland, 1979 / 6’

It is an ironic reflection about life, rivalry, and pointless fight. An insect leaves his cocoon with a lot of effort. Unexpectedly, another insect attacks him. A violent fight is interrupted by a passing man who leaves only his footprints and two dead insects in an embrace. The film has received many awards, including the Golden Dragon at the Cracow Film Festival.

Jerzy Kucia (1942). Graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow where  he has been a professor for many years now, holding the position of the director of the Animated Film Studio, too. He is a scriptwriter and director of animation which combines different techniques. Kucia is one of the most important artists of the second generation of the Polish School of Animation who communicates with his audience by means of animated inner experiences. He has organized and led the International Workshop of the Animated Film in Krakow for many years.