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Ravens / Corvi

Myshkin Warbler
USA | 2022 | 3’23 International preview v.o. sott. ENG/ITA

Ravens is a lyrical, sonic and visual poem about the dissonance of living inside/outside the dominant culture while rejecting its dominance over your story. A celebration of living queer and fearless on our gorgeous planet, and a call for solidarity.

Direction/Animation: Myshkin Warbler
Musician: Myshkin Warbler, Helen Gillet
Composer: Myshkin Warbler
Production: Ind.

Myshkin Warbler

Myshkin Warbler is an award winning artist fluent in several media and their combinations, centered on three decades of celebrated work in independent music: writing and recording, international performance, production and collaboration. Recent work focuses on performances enhanced by theatre and experimental film. The goal, always: a more multi-leveled communication, context, depth and delight. Ravens is her first animation project.