Push This Button if You Begin to Panic

Gabriel Böhmer
United Kingdom / 13’ / v.o. sott. ita

Bartholomew Whisper went to the doctor today. There he met administrators keen on experimental surgery, and lonely MRI machines. At least the growing hole in his head was becoming quite beautiful.

Direction: Gabriel Böhmer
Script: Gabriel Böhmer
Animator: Gabriel Böhmer
Producer: Samantha Monk
Sound Design: Gabriel Böhmer
Composers: Nacho Palacios, Gabriel Böhmer
Technique used: digital animation

Gabriel Böhmer

Gabriel Böhmer is a UK based artist from Zurich, interested in memory and the absurd. He left a career in management consulting following the release of his novel Beetle Days. His films have received recognition at Winterthur, Fantoche, and Clermont-Ferrand, among others.

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