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Proiezioni – Film d’Animazione Collettivo / PROJECTIONS – Collective animated film

Beatrice Mazzone
Italia | 2021 | 5’49 v.o. sott. ENG

During the darkest months of the pandemic, in which everyone was forced to isolate themselves in their own home, time seemed suspended. Yet, in the world of artists and animators, there was always a force able to project themself forward, to keep looking at the future, thinking about it, drawing it, animating it: we are talking about the imagination, an energy capable of producing possible scenarios, waiting for concreteness. Each artist was ment to use animation as a medium to redesign reality, to show the future by making a short film lasting up to 10 seconds. The contributions, starting from the personal experience of each one during the pandemic, produced this collective animated film called “Projections”.

Direction/Script: Beatrice Mazzone
Animation: Mariangela Cipriani, Giulia Schiavone, Elvira Sanchez Lopez, Alessandro De Ioannon, Marianna Giuliana, Valentina Lo duca, Dario Scaramuzza, Roberto Naldi, Sara Cusimano, Agnese Lucchese, Maria Cavallo, Giada Fuccelli, Domenico Montuoso, Giulia Vona, Irene Frizzera, Silvia Urbano, Alessandro Vangi, Rocco Sienese, Raffaele Fiorella, Ester Santovito, Claudia Muratori, Beatrice Mazzone
Key cast: Salvatore Scilipoti, Roberto Paganelli, Michele Bernardi
Production: Post Cinema, La Scatola Blu, OTTOmani, Viva Comix, Spine Bookstore

Beatrice Mazzone

Beatrice Mazzone is an Italian animator and designer. His work and style focus on the use of evocative signs, combining traditional animation techniques with the most advanced digital expressions. For over 20 years he has been producing animated films for cinema, TV and theater, promoting training courses on animation and since 2020 he has been a member of the cultural association “The Blue Box”.