Igor Imhoff
Italia, 2012 / 9’11

Direction, Script, Animation, Music, Production, Distribution: Igor Imhoff 

From the idea of creating a grotesque version of The Little Prince, Planet becomes the symbolic tale of a cross-section of the universe, inspired by The Multiple States of the Being by René Guénon, the controversial French philosopher, esotericist and intellectual active during the first half of the XX century. A backward journey and a departure from memory. The sound, which holds everything together, is characterised by the same obsessive repetitiveness of the sign on the wall which repeats itself and rules the actions of the cosmos.

Igor Imhoff (San Giovanni Rotondo, 1976) graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Foggia in 2001, he works with graphics and video games. He’s and art director and designer in many Italian and international software studios and advertising agencies.

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