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    Varya Yakovleva
    Russian Federation | 2022 | 10’35 No dialogues

    Strangers come to visit the home of a young couple. Taking advantage of the hospitality of the hosts, the unexpected guests push the couple to do rash things, which leads to the destruction of the established order and harmony within the family.

    Direction, set design: Varya Yakovleva
    Animation: Nadezhda Fedotova, Varya Yakovleva, Tatiana Yatsina, Pavel Suslov, Sasha Deeva
    Artistic director of the studio: Andrey Khrzhanovsky
    Music, Sound design: Alexei Prosvirnin
    Production: Shar Studio

    Varya Yakovleva

    Varya Yakovleva is an artist, illustrator, director of animation from Russia. Has three National Animation Awards, and she is a participant and an award-winner at international festivals of animation, cinematography and illustration. Graduated from the Art faculty of Russian State University of Cinematography and from the faculty of directors of animation at School-studio SHAR, Russia. Worked as an illustrator with publeshers and magazins, worked as an art-director of animation at the feature film “The Nose or the Conspiracy of Mavericks”, director A. Khrzhanovsky.