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Not for money, not for Love, not for nothing

John Robert Lee
United Kingdom 2020 / 14’26” / v.o. sott. ita

Using animation for anonymity, real questions are deliberated by real women, sharing their real stories. The film follows Paula, who came to Newport on a spiritual mission to help women who have become trapped by abusive relationships and beaten by those who pay for the privilege. She meets with Jo, who shares her story of breaking free from a pimp to start her own brothel, Chelsea who feels low self esteem, Rachel who questions her morality, and Amelia who feels a strong sense of loneliness.

Director, Writer: John Robert Lee
Producer: Christine Patterson
Animation: Ola Szmida
Sound: Jonathan Mason, Vytautas Franukevicius
Music: Vytautas Franukevicius, Simas Okas
Editor: John Robert Lee

John Robert Lee

Is the co-founder and director at Zebra Stripe Films. Born in Hampshire in 1992 and passionate about humanity, John went on to gain a degree in Documentary Film and Television from the acclaimed Newport Film School, Wales. His ambition is to tell stories centred around complex situations, driven by the beauty and fragility of humanity.