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    Not for me | Non per me

    Ivan Bondarenko
    Russian Federation | 2022 | 8’06 v.o. sub. ENG/ITA Italian Preview

    A young man is going to the country to gather mushrooms. On his way to the country, he meets a young girl. The impression of this fleeting meeting changes both his inner world and the reality around him.

    Direction, animation: Ivan Bondarenko
    Animators: Ivan Bondarenko
    Sound design: Alexey Prosvirnin
    Music: Choir Of The Sretensky Monastery
    Production: Shar Studio

    Ivan Bondarenko
    In 2014 he graduated from the National Institute of Business where he studied marketing. Ivan wrote poems, drew pictures, studied art, considering it all as his hobby. Gradually he began to realise that only creative work made sense for him, while the life he led led him nowhere, to despair. At the age of 27 he made up his mind to study animation and went the Scream School. In 2017 he went to the directing department of the SHAR School. He managed to work in various author’s and commercial projects as a director and animator. He also took part in various workshops, art residencies and pitchings.