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Non ce ne siamo resi conto / We Didn’t Even Have Time To Realize

Giordano Viozzi, Alfredo Dante Vallesi
Italy 2020 / 3’4’’ / v.o. eng

From his car Pasolini sees Italian society mutate and fall apart under neofascist consumerist threats and a societal development that will never constitute any tangible progress. Pierpaolo Capovilla’s voice gives life to two cardinal points of the ‘Pasolini school of thought’ in a dadaist and a hallucinated animated short film.

Direction: Giordano Viozzi, Alfredo Dante Vallesi
Script: Giordano Viozzi, Alfredo Dante Vallesi
Sound Design: Michele Conti
Production: Giordano Viozzi

Giordano Viozzi

Alfredo Dante Vallesi

Giordano Viozzi is an italian film maker and producer, 40 years old. Owner at Sushi Adv, Sushi Productions and Sushi Distribution, he works in commercial and TV too.

Alfredo Dante Vallesi is a photographer and a collage artist. This is his first short movie.